Non-Phenol Thermal Receipt Paper

Non-Phenol Thermal Receipt Paper With Vitamin C


Our new product is a non-phenol thermal receipt paper with vitamin c.  The industry has been asking for a more environmentally friendly solution for printing receipts.

Problem:  Retailers have been using receipt paper which contains harmful chemicals such as BPA and BPS for many years.  They wanted to move away from these harsh chemicals, but did not have a solution until recently.

Solution:  Now there is a product call Non-Phenol Thermal Receipt paper that is available.  It does not contain any BPA or BPS.  The ideal fit for this product is supermarkets, convenience stores, health and natural food stores.  This product has vitamin C added to give it a natural yellow shade, there are no dyes added to create color.

Other features include:

  • Can be pre-printed on the front or back
  • 5 year image life when properly stored
  • We stock three different sizes
  • Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • Samples available upon request, please call 603.527.0256 or [email protected]

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