Selecting the Right
Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbons are essential for achieving high-quality prints on various materials using thermal transfer printers. They offer versatility and long-lasting results for labeling needs.

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Thermal Transfer Wax Ribbons

These ribbons are the best choice for high-volume printing on paper and tag stock, particularly for shipping and carton labels. Wax printer ribbons are the most economical, providing consistent, high-quality, and legible labels. They are ideal for various applications, from automotive parts labels to healthcare labels.

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Thermal Transfer Wax/Resin Ribbons

Wax/Resin ribbons offer more abrasion resistance than standard wax ribbons, making them suitable for applications that demand durability, like transportation and logistics, laboratory labeling, and food & beverage labels. These ribbons are ideal for printing on paper, polypro and polyester labels, offering a permanent and long-lasting image.


Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons

For applications requiring high heat, chemical, and abrasion resistance, resin ribbons are the ideal choice. They are used in outdoor appliance labeling, such as electric meters and HVAC equipment, ensuring durability and resistance to challenging conditions.

Near-Edge Ribbons

Near-edge ribbons are primarily used in flexible packaging machines, perfect for form-filled bags requiring lot numbers and date codes. These ribbons offer high-resolution barcode printing and are efficient for time-sensitive applications.


Wax/Resin Near-Edge Ribbons

These ribbons combine the qualities of wax and resin, making them suitable for a wide range of films and applications, including small machine parts packaging and lot number & date code product labeling.


Resin Near-Edge Ribbons

With their high resistance to heat, chemicals, and abrasion, resin near-edge ribbons are ideal for outdoor label applications and highly durable labeling needs.

Features & Benefits of Our Ribbons

  • Producing High-quality, legible labels

  • Suitable for variable data

  • Permanent, long-lasting image

  • Protects the printhead

  • Black/white or spot color options

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Transfer Ribbons

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