GHS Compliant Chemical Drum Laser Label Printer

GHS Compliant Chemical Drum Laser Label Printer

GHS Compliant Chemical Drum Laser Label Printer Prints in Multiple Colors

Problem:  Finding a GHS compliant chemical drum laser label printer can be difficult.  We had a customer call who needed to print on-demand GHS compliant chemical drum labels.  This chemical company needed the ability to print in multiple colors.  Although we specialize in the thermal transfer printer market, this technology did not lend itself for a good solution.  Since thermal transfer only prints in one color, we would have to provide multiple versions of the same label in different configurations.  The customer had 15 different SKU’s, with the color requirements and multiple red diamond layouts, there were over 45 different combinations of pre-printed labels they would have to purchase.

Solution:  Having researched what was available, we came up with a printer from Primera Technology, Inc.  They use a high speed Lexmark color print engine.  This printer can take label stock in roll to roll form which very conducive to label printing.  We not only sell this printer, we do sell GHS compliant chemical drum labels and BarTender For Windows, the industry leading bar code labeling software.  They just produced a white paper on GHS Compliant Labeling.  This will give the customer total flexibility to print what they need to print in whatever colors they need to print it.  The customer can purchase blank label stock, thus reducing inventory and label costs.  Another benefit from using this printer is that there are no lead times for color labels.  You can print what you want, when you want.  Click here for a spec sheet on the CX1000.

For applications with low to medium label printing needs, we have the LX900 ink jet solution.

For more information on how this printing solution can benefit you and your company, give us a call at 603.527.0256 or email [email protected].

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