Label Armor, The Durable Floor Label Cover Solution

Label Armor,

More and more warehouses today are utilizing floor labels to help them become more efficient.  Warehouses can be extremely tough on labels – especially floor labels. Warehouse floor labels have to stand up to heavy pedestrian traffic and forklifts driving and dragging over them.  Under these conditions, it’s hard to keep labels from peeling or…

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Direct Thermal Film Label Solution

Direct Thermal Film

We just received some exciting news about Direct Thermal Film. We have secured the last trailer load of this material in the country! As you know that Jindal Films, the manufacturer of Label-Lyte Platinum Thermal, better known as the Zebra Thermalock 4000D label material, has stopped production of this product.  We have secured the last…

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Current Labeling Trends: What You Should Know

Current Labeling trends

Are you up on the current labeling trends? According to the experts, this is what you need to know. #1 in Labeling Trends: Automation The past 18 months have experienced a huge upswing in shipping. With that, more and more companies are moving toward automating as much of their process as they can. Autoapplying labels…

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Covid Test Kits: Automating Product Labels

Covid Test Kits label

Covid Test Kits are one of the most sought after products in the current climate of this worldwide pandemic. Manufacturers of these test kits are scrambling under the current demand. Anytime you have a chance to automate any part of your labeling process, it cuts down on time and typically saves money as well. One…

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RevealPrint: Environmentally Friendly Labels

environmentally friendly labels

Environmentally friendly labels are one more way companies are moving toward being green. RevealPrint is the only direct thermal label on the market that is chemical free and environmentally friendly.  This imaging technology works with and barcode software and existing direct thermal printers. RevealPrint is produced with safe ingredients that are readily available and sourced…

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The Problem with Labeling Vials

Product Spotlight for June 9, 2019 Do your labels look like this! Are you having a vial labeling problem? Is the problem your adhesive? It is the facesheet? Maybe both? This picture is all to familiar in the world of labeling vials, ampules, or small circular products. Throw in  cold temperature storage requirements and it…

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Generic Cryogenic Adhesives Cost 60% Less!

Generic Cryogenic Adhesive

Product Spotlight for May 12, 2019 – Tired of the high prices for your cold temperature labels?  We were too so we did something about it! PaladinID is now offering a new (what we are calling) generic cryogenic adhesive. Tests show it works very well below -80 degrees Celsius!  The best news is that our generic…

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Wrap Around Expanded Content Labels

Product Spotlight for April 28, 2019 Do you need more data on your labels than you can fit?  Our wrap around expanded content labels are the perfect solution! We print the static content on the underside of your labels (like directions or ingredients) and you print the variable data on the top side. Presto! More…

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RevealPrint Has a Longer Shelf Life (and is more abrasion resistant)

Longer Shelf Life

RevealPrint has a longer shelf life than Zebra IQ. This means your labels last longer and don’t require new equipment. Isn’t that amazing? But it gets better–these labels are also more abrasion resistant. However, there are still more reasons RevealPrint is better! Here is the exciting part: Fade resistance inks More abrasion resistant than current…

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Thoughts On Promat 2019 in Chicago

RevealPrint With PaladinID

Are you going to Promat 2019 in Chicago? As I start my preparation for the nation’s largest distribution and supply chain trade show, Promat 2019 in Chicago April 8th-11th, it is exciting to see all of the new technology being presented. We will be showcasing RevealPrint by Virtual Graphics. Keep reading for more info. Find…

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