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Label Design Tip!

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Do you ever have a problem with getting the variable data on your labels to align properly? Frustrating, isn’t it?

When you need tight registration of text and graphics across multiple printers, it gets frustrating. Every printer has a slightly different start position and the label printing is not consistent from printer to printer.

What you need to do is find the 00 start potion of each printer and dial each individual printer in.

Field Test: Label Design

I was out on a sales call this week and came across something one of my customers has designed that I think is ingenious.  This customer needs to to put a lot of  information onto their label.  Spacing and alignment are critical.  They have many Zebra printers that are printing multiple labels and formats. Each printer needs to be dialed in for consistent registration of text and graphics.

The customer is using BarTender for windows. This program uses a feature called layers.  It allows you to layer text and graphics as an overlay to the operator, but does not print onto the label.

Label Design Solution

Electrical Labels By PaladinID

The customer designed a template that each operator can bring up to verify that their printer is printing every label correctly.  As you can see by their pre-printed labels stock in this image, there is a notch in the upper right hand corner where they line up the vertical and horizontal lines onto the label stock.

Instantly, you can see if the printer needs an adjustment. Once implemented, this is a very quick and easy reference guide to perfectly printed labels.  This template has saved the company time and money and has dramatically cut down tech support calls on the floor.  I just love that Yankee ingenuity!

Electrical Label By PaladinID

By checking the label template on each printer, they instantly know where the variable data will print and can make adjustments accordingly.  This is a simple solution that can be implemented with any label printer.

If you have questions or problems you need solving, please send  Dana Ritchie an Email or give me a call at 888.972.5234.  I look forward to working with you.

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