Zebra USB Connector Problems

Solving: Zebra Printer USB Board Connector Problems With Our Adapter Kit

PaladinID Creates Adapter Kit for Zebra Printers

New Cable Adapter Kit Prevents Connectors from Breaking & Cracking

Zebra Technologies is known for their industrial high-performance bar code label printers.  Their desktop models such as the XI4 line or the new ZT600 Series industrial label printers are often found in retail, healthcare and manufacturing environments.  At PaladinID, we sell and service Zebra bar code printers.  We have discovered that when our customers are changing the labels and ribbons they tend to move the printer forward in order to open the side door.  When this happens, there is an extra amount of stress put on the USB cable and the connection it attaches to.  Over time the cable connector would break, causing the printer to malfunction and incurring a very high repair cost.  We decided to put together a Zebra printer USB adapter kit.

We have learned that the solder joint that attaches the cable connector to the USB board is extremely delicate and is prone to breaking or cracking.  After replacing many boards, we engineered a solution that prevents this breakage from recurring.  By changing the direction of the USB cable 90 degrees, and strategically placing a cable stay at the point of tension, we eliminate the stress on the USB cable connection.  If PaladinID is onsite, we replace the connector board and then add two parts.  One is a 90 degree angled USB pigtail cable along with a cable stay.  Both pictured here.Zebra Printer USB Adapter Kit

What this does is put the strain on the USB cable at the cable stay and not the USB connector itself.  By using a 90 degree USB pigtail cable, you are ensuring that the cable connects without creating any lateral or vertical strain to the connector.  Our solution is working – in over 3 years, we have not had to replace any USB boards we originally fixed.

PaladinID has on-site service personnel, and the cost to have us replace a USB board from Zebra is about $450.00 plus labor*.  PaladinID also offers an all-inclusive adaptor kit that includes a refurbished USB board along with the special cable and cable stay for $250.00**.  At PaladinID, we’re here to make sure that your bar code printers print at optimum capacity – please call us with any questions or challenges you may have with your bar coding needs.  If a new printer is in your future, we carry the complete line of Zebra printers.

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