Zebra IQ Color Direct Thermal Labels

Zebra IQ Color Direct Thermal Labels

2/24 through 3/2

This weeks special is for Zebra IQ Color Direct Thermal Labels

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Zebra IQ Color Direct Thermal Labels were developed to make companies more efficient in their manufacturing process.  The challenge was to come up with a solution that worked in all direct and thermal transfer label printers.  All direct thermal labels have black ink which is embedded into the facestock.  Zebra is able to now embed up to 4 colors different heat activated ink on one label.  There are a total of 8 colors to choose from.  By adding color, you are able to make certain sections of the labels stand out and easily read.  Take 10% off of your first order, this week only.  Samples upon request.

Problem: A big box warehouse was having trouble with their workforce reading English and picking orders accurately.  They needed a way to color code the picking order and location of where the goods were stored.

Solution: By using the Zebra IQ Color direct thermal label solution, the locations were numbered and colored coded which made them easily read and understood.  The efficiency and accuracy of the warehouse increased 3X.

This solution will work on any thermal or thermal transfer label printer.  For samples or more information on how the IQ Color solution can benefit you, please contact us at email or 888.972.5234.

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