AfinaLabel L801 Inkjet Color Label Printer

AfinaLabel L801 Inkjet Color Label Printer

We Have Expanded Our Line Of Label Printers!

AFINIA LABEL L801 Inkjet Color Label PrinterWe are very excited to announce that we now sell the Afinia Label L801 inkjet color label printer.  This printer is the fastest color printer in the industry.  The Afinia Label L801 is designed for medium to high volume printing.  We believe many industries will benefit and especially the medical device market.

The ability to take a blank label and print almost anything you wish at a top speed of 60 feet/minute is truly a game changer.

Problem:  Medical device manufacturers typically use very large and long labels.  The only solution to printing these labels over the last 20 years has been thermal transfer printing.  These labels are what we call in the industry as a sock label.  Very little printing on one end of the label and then the rest is pre-printed.  When using a thermal transfer printer, there is a one for one ratio, meaning that for every inch of label stock, you use an inch of ribbon whether you are printing or not.  Very costly for this application.

Solution:  The Afinia Label L801 solves this problem because it only uses ink where it is needed.  By utilizing the wide web capability and print speeds, your label throughput could double and possibly even triple.  The cost savings on ribbons and pre-printed labels alone could pay for the printer in a matter of months.  To find out more on this new printer, please email or call 603.527.0256.  The video below gives you a demonstration of what this printer is all about.

To see samples of the Afinia L801 labels.


For a more technical look at the print engine, please view this video.

“Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value”.


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