The Advantages of RevealPrint™ over Zebra IQ

More Colors with RevealPrint by PaladinID

Are you currently using Zebra IQ to add color to your labels? Are you frustrated by the limited capability?

RevealPrint™ is a new technology that allows you to use more colors for less money! And there are other advantages of RevealPrint™ too.

PaladinID is an authorized re-seller of both RevealPrint™ and Zebra IQ. However, we believe RevealPrint™  is going to bring up the direct thermal market to color, one label at a time. Think about the possibilities! 

Besides the reduced cost, the best thing is that this superior solution does NOT require new equipment. It works with your existing thermal transfer or direct thermal printer. WOW!

RevealPrint™  allows you to differentiate your labels between products and make them standout or gives you the ability to highlight areas on the label.

Check out the table below for a quick overview. If this doesn’t convince you, keep reading for some real life examples of how the advantages of RevealPrint™  will save you time and money.

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Advantages of RevealPrint™ : Number of Colors

It is really important that we convey that RevealPrint™  is not a color label. Instead, you start with a white label and you use direct thermal color imaging to add color. The possibilities are endless. RevealPrint™ is a differentiator between products. 

The only available options before RevealPrint™ was pre-printing the color and only imaging in black.  * Or buying a color label and imaging on it with black. A lot of businesses do this. 

With RevealPrint™ , the labels starts off at white and when a zone get energized the color is revealed. So the labels are very distinct looking.

You can also have up to 8 colors on the label and you can choose what those colors are. ZebraIQ only offers eight colors to choose from but you can only have three colors on the label. This feels so limited with the new advantages of RevealPrint™ ! 

Why do these differences matter? Here are some real-world examples. 

RevealPrint™ in WarehousesBarcode Labeling Experts

With the right warehouse labeling strategy, a facility manager can greatly improve operations and increase efficiencies at every level.

Your warehouse is full of stacks and stacks and rows and rows of pallets. Most likely they all have very similar labels, *** (either all black and white or with static color, they all look identical) with the same color zones. The products are differentiated by which color zone has imaging in it. On first glance, they all look the same. Your eye has to process which zone is occupied.

Let’s use a carton label for example . The label has 4 color zones: Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue. Each color represents a direction or territory such as North, South, East, West. A carton that is going West has all 4 colors on it, but the Blue zone has black writing in it. ***(In order for the warehouse worker to find the correct cartons for a shipment, he or she has to figure out and locate which color has printing in it. With RevealPrint™  the label will just have a blue zone on it. You could easily go pick all the cartons with blue labels. 

When each label looks drastically different, your color coding is much more effective–not to mention quicker for the eye to process. Less mistakes, less time, and less money (we’ll talk about that in a minute!)

RevealPrint™ in the Airline Industry

Picture this: You are a baggage handler at a major international airport. It is your job to sort the bags and figure out quickly which ones go to baggage claim and which ones go to a transferring flight. It is up to you to make sure that someone’s vacation or business trip is not ruined by lost luggage.

As the bags come down the line, each one has a white label wrapped around the handle. Each one also has 3 color zAdvantages of RevealPrintones printed on the label. Let’s say green, yellow, and red. One of those zones has imaging in it that indicates where the bag goes. However, at first glance, they all look the same.

What if each label looked very different? Only one color zone, or different ones depending on where the bag was going. Think about how much quicker your brain can process that and how many less mistakes you will make. As a frequent flyer, this makes me feel better.

Look at the baggage labels in this picture. They all look the same and the employee has to read each one. We can make this more efficient!

Big Box Stores and Internet Retail

A major big box store chain and a giant internet retail company  are already looking at implementing RevealPrint™ because they see how the advantages are going to save them time and money. One of the things they are looking to use this new technology for is adding coupons or offers to the bottoms of labels. Different colors mean different things. It’s easy to add this technology to your already existing process because it doesn’t require any more equipment.

Shipping labels is another area where they will use RevealPrint™. Currently, the bottom of every label is red-they all look the same. However, if you image in color, every label can look different.

Garment Industry

Another fantastic application for RevealPrint™ is the garment industry. We can apply the same principals and advantages of RevealPrint™ from other industries to garment and hang tags. With more color coding everything is easier for employees and consumers. 

Advantages of RevealPrint™ : Better Abrasion Resistance

Our tests have found that RevealPrint™ labels have better abrasion resistance. This allows you stack pallets and boxes closer together and not worry about them rubbing off on each other. Peace of mind is a great advantage. 

Advantages of RevealPrint™ : Longevity of Labels

This is huge! RevealPrint™ labels last up to two years versus ZebraIQ, which only gives you 6 months.

As you know, direct thermal labels are affected by light and heat which can shorten their life too. Now your direct thermal labels will last longer.

Advantages of RevealPrint™ : Cost and Lower Minimums

RevealPrint™ is 65% cheaper than Zebra IQ. And you can order lower minimums. WOW!

This is the biggest advantage of all! You get more colors, longer life, better abrasion resistance, lower minimums, you can use your existing equipment AND IT COSTS LESS!

Folks, this is a really easy decision to make!

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“Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value”.

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