Epson C6000 Series Printers

The new Epson C6000 inkjet label printers are getting more attention every month. We are very excited about this new inkjet printer line Yes, Epson has listened to the market and upgraded to features that users asked for! The Epson C6000 series printers are specifically designed as a color upgrade to thermal transfer printing.  This…

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Which is better: Handheld or Hands-Free Barcode Scanners?

Hands-Free Barcode Scanners

What do you think? Would you rather use handheld or hands-free barcode scanners? Like so many choices in business, it really depends on your specific needs and operating environment. However, it is helpful to know where to start – so we went to the experts. This article is a version from Zebra’s article Which is…

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Troubleshooting Bar Code Printing Issues

Barcode Printing Issues

Are you struggling with bar code printing issues? Label quality is a key component to any bar code data collection solution—regardless of industry. Bar code scanners are just the beginning when it comes to keeping your warehouse operations efficient and profitable. When working with customers, we often find they invest most of their time on…

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My Barcodes Aren’t Scanning

Barcodes Aren't Scanning

So, your barcodes aren’t scanning and you feel like tearing your hair out. Before you become a crazy person, check out these common issues and if that doesn’t help – call the experts at PaladinID. We are barcode printing experts and will be happy to help. (888) 972 – 5234 There are a few reasons…

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Make the Switch from Paper Forms to Barcodes

Did you know 80% of all small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations in the USA still track their inventory and production operations manually? Just because a system or process is “how you’ve always done it” doesn’t mean it is still the best way to tackle a big job. Especially when it comes to technological advances that…

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Xemelgo, Cloudbased Mobile APP For RFID

Does having your factory floor in the palm of your hand sound enticing? Just imagine having WIP (work in progress), Inventory Tracking, Vendor Managed Inventory, Asset Tracking, and Shipment Tracking all on your mobile device as you move throughout your day! We are excited to announce a partnership with Xemelgo!  Xemelgo is an industrial IoT…

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Improve Laboratory Management with Better Label Solutions

Laboratory Management

Organized laboratory management is essential to avoiding mistakes and eliminating sample retakes. This can take up time patients might not have. Sample misidentification results in reporting errors, misdiagnosis, the wrong treatments, unnecessary complications, and possibly death. Malpractice claims for pathology errors are relatively low, however, they are extremely costly for labs and patients. Is your…

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Custom Barcode Labels: The Perfect Solution

custom barcode labels

Are you looking for custom barcode labels? Whether you want to label products, tag your company assets, track your tools, promote your brand, or inform users, our different Barcode Labels will uniquely help you. There are two main ways to print custom barcode labels: Print Custom Barcode labels yourself. We can help develop the perfect…

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Tracking School Property: Barcode Labels and Inventory

tracking school property. School computer Lab with overlaid images of 3 different types of property labels

Tracking school property can be a huge task for administration and staff. Think about how much equipment, tools, technology devices, band equipment, cafeteria items, and more are located inside just one average-size school. It boggles the mind. During this time of uncertainty while you have so many things to manage, let us take one task…

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Seagull Scientific’s BarTender Labeling Solution (20% OFF)

Weekly Special: BarTender Labeling Solution 20% OFF Use Coupon Code: BarTender SHOP NOW   We are featuring the Seagull Scientific Labeling Solution called BarTender For Windows.  This is the most advanced barcode labeling software available on the market today.  It is easy to use, works with any label printer and has the ability to run on…

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