Improve Laboratory Management with Better Label Solutions

Laboratory Management

Organized laboratory management is essential to avoiding mistakes and eliminating sample retakes. This can take up time patients might not have. Sample misidentification results in reporting errors, misdiagnosis, the wrong treatments, unnecessary complications, and possibly death.

Malpractice claims for pathology errors are relatively low, however, they are extremely costly for labs and patients.

Is your lab struggling with finding the right labeling solution? The right laboratory printers, specimen labels, and barcode scanners all work together to improve laboratory management.

The right labeling solution for your lab will:

  • Improve Patient Safety:  Automating labeling and identifying specimens reduces the risk of errors.
  • Improve Productivity: Choose from a variety of products that best fit your workflow and volume. We can help you determine the best elements for each step of your process.
  • Improve Sample Tracking: Save time by quickly and accurately identify samples, giving you more time to analyze samples and provide crucial information.

Accurate Labeling Improves Laboratory Management

The best defense against errors is a solid labeling solution that focuses on accuracy and tracking. Samples should be labeled as soon as they are drawn. However, the following crucial elements have to be part of the labeling protocol:

  • Patient ID verification: To be compliant, medical staff are required to use at least two patient identifiers when collecting lab samples.
  • Linking information: Electronic healthcare records require gathering, storing, and linking more information through the entire patient care process.
  • Sample identification requirements: Samples such as blood, tissue, and cellular therapy much be compliant with the ISBT 128 labeling requirements, which is simply not attainable with manual labeling.
  • Patient privacy: HIPPA mandates the use of technology and processes to protect patient privacy. Again, something that cannot be done by hand.
  • Correct label sizing: Because each label contains the crucial link between the actual specimen and all the information in the system associated with it, it needs to be sized properly. Different types of collection containers, (test tubes, blood bags, slides, hermetically sealed, etc.) require several different types of labels in order to be compliant.
  • Cost-effective label creation: Your lab needs versatile printing technology that can print many types of labels in the exact size and format for each task.
  • Easy identification: Color-coded labels provide a visual indicator of what tests labs must perform. This saves valuable time.
  • Variable data: Each label also contains unique information, so your label solution needs to provide variable, on-demand labels – not generic pre-printed labels that require hand-writing of specific data.
  • Smudge-proof: Labels don’t do any good if you can’t read them. They must print clearly and not smudge, especially if they get wet.
  • Durability: Labeled specimens often are often stored for long periods of time and in cold temperatures. Your labels need to withstand these types of conditions.

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The Bottom Line

A barcode labeling process for specimens provides accuracy and prevents errors. Your team members can scan the barcodes to easily identify samples, record transfers, and review test results. Automated data entry is much more accurate and contains fewer errors.  In turn, this improves patient safety, saves time, and allows staff to spend more time on clinical duties rather than clerical ones.

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The proper laboratory management labeling system will save you time and money and provide peace of mind. Your lab, your team, and your patients deserve that.

PaladinID specialized in helping laboratories find the perfect labeling solution for your specific process. We start with the equipment you currently have and build from there. Let’s see if you can improve your process and save you time and money. Please send us an email or give us a call at 888.972.6234, we are here to help.

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