Void Guard, Coin Guard, Color-Guard and Thermo-Guard Receipt Paper Solutions

Retailers Lose Billions On Return Fraud

The Problem:  Retailers are facing a growing problem with fraudulent returns of their goods.  According to an article in The Baltimore Sun, the losses in 2013 alone were over 8.76 billion, yes, that is billion with a “B”.  Criminals return stolen merchandise and use counterfeit receipts in exchange for cash.  The thieves are turning to more high tech and savvy ways to steal and it is very difficult to keep up.

The Solution:  There are many ways that retailers are fighting back, most of which are very expensive and require the purchase of additional equipment.  Below are four very inexpensive receipt paper solutions that any retailer can implement with their existing equipment.

  •  Void Guard:   A void pattern appears under a standard copy machine
  •  Coin Guard:  Printed white image turns gray when scratched with a coin
  •  Color- Guard:  Printed image changes color when scratched with a fingernail
  •  Thermo-Guard:  Image disappears and re-appears when rubbed with a finger

If you’re facing similar challenges and would like to explore some solutions and options, email [email protected] or call 603.527.0256.  Samples available upon request.

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