Price Look-Up Application on Short Notice

Recently, PaladinID was contacted by a retail client with a serious and time sensitive business problem.  They are opening their first stores in MA and have discovered that our busy elected officials on Beacon Hill have thrown them an unanticipated curve ball.  It is a law in this Commonwealth that all items in a store be individually price labeled.  For those items where that is not practical, the store must provide one price look-up scanner (you have seen these at WalMart) for every 5000 feet of floor space.   Basically, the scanner reads the bar code on the item and performs a search of the store’s point-of-sale data base and then displays the price.  In this instance, the scanner is connected to the store’s server via an Ethernet connection.

Unfortunately, our client was made aware of this requirement about three weeks before the first store was scheduled to open.   They were steered to PaladinID by our good friends at Honeywell Imaging and Mobility. Honeywell offers a product specifically designed for this application called the Image Kiosk 8560. The 8560 is a Windows based terminal with an integrated bar code scanner the uses Adaptus Imaging Technology for reading 1D and 2D bar codes.

PaladinID then reached out to our partner PSS Products for the software link between the 8560 and the client’s POS application Island Pacific’s OnePointe.  PSS Products has a wealth of experience in dealing with Island Pacific software but also in implementing price look-up applications for other retail clients.

With the timely help of our distributor partner Scansource,  PaladinID was able to supply the 8560 to PSS Products who were able to load and test the software and deliver the finished product to our client in about a week!  If you are in the retail space and have a similar problem give us a call – because that’s what PaladinID does – solve problems!

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