New Source Technologies Near Edge STP1120N Printer, Part 1

Near Edge STP1120N Part 2

Here is your Near Edge STP1120N Part 2!  I am very impressed with the STP1120N near edge thermal transfer bar code printer.  Having been in the Auto ID business for over 24 years, this printer out of the box was something completely different.  I spent a day training and learning more about what this printer can do.  I will touch on a few of the things that I liked.  This is considered a heavy duty “mission critical” printer.

The printers language is PCL5E (an industry standard).  Each printer manufacturer in the bar code industry has their own proprietary language.  “This new printer will make integration difficulties caused by proprietary languages become a thing of the past” says Source Technologies, President and CEO Bill Bouverie.  The STP1120N has an intuitive color graphic touchscreen, an industry first.  It reminded me of an high end smart phone.  This printer utilizes near edge technology that greatly improves the labels image.  The printer comes standard with 300 dpi that makes text and graphics pop unlike the typical flathead printers.  The ladder style bar codes were just as clean and crisp as the picket fence style bar codes.  Not all 300 dpi printers are created equal.

Near Edge Print Technology

This technology is not new, but it is not mainstream either.  I believe this printer will be a game changing product.  One problem I have run into is ribbon wrinkle.  It occurs on every printer.  This printer addresses this in two ways, the ribbon supply and unwind is gear driven and under tension.  Also, the labels are centered under the printhead and not left justified.  This allows the printhead to have even pressure across the printing surface allowing the printer to print exceptional quality in any orientation.

Click here for a STP1120N data sheet.


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