New Source Technologies Near Edge STP1120N Printer, Part 1

New Source Technologies Near Edge STP1120N Printer, Part 1

The new Source Technologies near edge STP1120N thermal transfer bar code printer was just released! It was a great honor to have been invited to the product launch in Charlotte, NC on July 11th. I am very excited about this new printer. This printer is brand new from the ground up.  Thermal transfer printers have not changed much over the past 25 years. The STP1120N has many features that I think will greatly improve the ease of use.  I was very impressed by the print quality, especially rotated (ladder) style bar codes, they were near perfect.  I will doing a multi-part series on this printer in the coming days.

Click here for a STP1120N data sheet.

There were many features that were lacking in the current market place that Source Technologies wanted to address.  Below are a few of them that I will address is more detail in the coming days.

1. PCL5e for plug and play integration
2. Intuitive color graphic touchscreen
3. 300 dpi for rich graphics, bar codes and text

4. Constant ribbon tension to prevent ribbon wrinkle
5. Automatic loading of labels
6. Wide array of connectivity choices
7. Field upgradable options

Below is a video from Source Technologies that will give you the background of the why and hows that went into developing this printer.  I look forward to putting this printer through its paces.


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