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Maybe A Label Set Might Be A Solution?

What is a label set and where is it used?

A label set is just what it sounds like:  A grouping of several labels together to make up one big label.  It is used when an application calls for several labels, typically different sizes and colors that are required for your product.

For example, you are a boat manufacturer who needs several warnings and/or safety labels products for one boat.  Your choices have been limited to ordering a roll of labels for each size, color, or text (content).  It can get very expensive and cumbersome to keep track of all of the different labels that could be grouped together. One of the major drawbacks is making sure each of the required labels gets applied to the product.

When you one have one or two labels in a grouping this is simple, but when you have 11 labels, like shown in the picture, it becomes very difficult to monitor and execute.

label set

The Label Set Solution

First, the labels are run through our digital press which provides the highest quality colors, graphics, and variable text.  Next, the labels are run through our laser die cutting station.  By utilizing a laser die cutter, there is no charge for tooling and we can produce any size, shape, or form you need.  These labels can be produced in rolls or sheets.

label set

One of the main benefits of a label set is realized on the manufacturing floor.  It is very easy for the people who are applying the labels to ensure that every label gets applied and none of them are missed. This saves time and money and ensures your compliance.

We are very creative when it comes to label sets.  Send us an Email or give us a call to discuss your label application.  We look forward to your label challenge and do not hesitate to look outside the box for a perfect label set solution for your business.

Please give us a call at 888.972.5234 or send us an email, we are here to help.

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