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The linerless labels idea is back in the news this month.  Take 20% your first order!  I love the concept, but it is not a practical solution for most businesses.  The idea is to remove the liner on pressure sensitive labels so you get 50% more labels on the roll in addition to reducing shipping and storage costs because you would need fewer rolls to complete an order.  Think of your labels like a roll of Scotch Tape.  There is no liner on tape.  The labels are typically perfed at the specified size, or a cutter could be used on the printer.  The linerless label concept has taken hold in many countries throughout the world, but it is lagging behind here in the United States.

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Why Linerless Labels?

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  • For The Environment: Liner is pure waste, and recycling is not a widespread economical option.  Considering the matrix and the liner, that is an average 50-60% of total label material that gets thrown away in landfills.
  • For Safety: The liner can end up on the manufacturing floor and with its slick silicone coating, leaves you open to slip and fall accidents that could result in lost time and money.  8 million people are affected by slip and falls in the US that account for about 15% of all workplace accidents.
  • For Efficiency: Linerless labels are more efficient because you can get up to 50% more labels on the roll, resulting in longer runs, increased uptime and 50% less change over and 50% less clean up and deposing of the liner.
  • Cost Effectiveness: You get more labels in the same amount of space, thus reducing your shipping, storage and landfill costs.

This is a niche product for certain applications.  Anyone who can utilize this new product will benefit greatly in both time and money.  Now offering 12 stock sizes on the shelf that could be shipped in one business day.  If a custom size or color label is what you need, Contact Us for a quote.

I found an interesting news article on linerless labels and how its impacting businesses that I thought would be educational.

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