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First Install Of The Epson C7500G Inkjet Color Label Printer

PaladinID Is An Epson Envision VARTwo weeks ago, I had the pleasure of installing my first Epson C7500 inkjet color label printer.  While most sales people dread installs, due to limited control of the customer’s computers and IT systems, I was pleasantly surprised by the installation process for the Epson printer.  Once the drivers were loaded and the printer was unpacked, we were printing labels in less than 3 minutes.  The customer did a product run of 100 labels, they were approved and used in production.  Needless to say, I was thrilled!  Two things impressed me the most, one was the quality of the print and second, was the speed.   The printer was printing at 12 IPS (inches per second).

The Epson C7500 is a easy to setup, and the instructions for the ink and paper path were very simple to follow.  This customer purchased the rewind unit and in less than a minute, the rewind unit was installed and ready to go.  This printer is exactly like setting up a Zebra, very straightforward.

This is one of the many labels my customer uses the new Epson C7500G inkjet label printer for.

First Install Of The Epson C7500G Inkjet Color Label Printer

The customer had been using a color thermal transfer printer from Astromed called Quick Label Systems and wanted to go with the latest technology in color label printing.  Their current vendor brought in a Kiaro inkjet label printer that was expensive, slow and very costly in terms of printheads.  The cost of one of Kiaro’s printheads was$1,500.00.

After seeing a video of the Epson C7500 and havng their labels printed from the Epson printer, the customer was convinced this printer was the best option for their label printing system.  In addition to the print quality and ease of use, the customer was thrilled with the cost savings of the printhead warranty.  PaladinID is an Epson Envison Partner, and printheads are warrantied for the life of the printer.  Obviously, this is a huge benefit for the customer.

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