ETG Systems

Last week we spoke with Jamie Thomas at ETG Systems in Dallas TX.  ETG is a software company that offers a number of specialty products.  We are initiating a relationship to resell their WEBorder application.  The product is a replacement or upgrade path for those companies using devices with acoustic couplers to remotely enter orders.  For example, there are many wholesalers that have their sales force use handheld Telxon 610’s or 710’s to enter orders from the field over a telephone connection.  In particular, we have talked with both hardware and food wholesalers who continue to use this older architecture because there are are not a lot of alternatives. WEBorder allows these companies to upgrade to much faster and more reliable FTP and internet order transfers while still maintaining support for the legacy acoustic handheld units.  If this technology gap exists at your organization, please give us a call and we will show you the benefits of the WEBorder system.

It is one more way that PaladinID helps to solve your bar code scanning and data collection problems.

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