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Inventory Tracking System

This inventory tracking system may be just what you need…

Computers Unlimited provides software for inventory tracking for the welding supply industry.  Their package is called TIMS (Total Inventory Management System).

Bar Coded Welding Cylinders

An integral part of their system is a bar coded label that is applied to cylinders and all of the different parts a welding supply company sells.  Since Computers Unlimited does not sell labels, we were called to fill in that piece of the puzzle.  This application required a pre-printed sequentially numbered bar code labels that could withstand the harsh environment of a manufacturing floor.  This is one of the services we offer.  We suggested a polyester label with an overlam to protect the text and bar code that was printed on the label.  We came up with a special design that would lay flat on the curved section of the cylinder.  The customer is happy with the labels and how their new inventory program is performing.  Our labels will work in any inventory application and we are happy to be working with Computers Unlimited.  Pictured are some cylinders that have been bar coded.

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