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Advantages of Digital Printing: Save time and money

Digital printing has some major advantages that really are worth considering. As you know, technology is always advancing in order to provide faster and more cost effective solutions, and digital printing is no exception. However, besides saving time and money, there are many more advantages. Take a look.

# 1. No Plates

Digital printing does not use plates (like flexo printing), but rather prints directly onto the material through a servo driven print engine. A photo-imaging-plate and an electronically charged blanket are used to extract the correct amount of ink that is transferred onto the substrate. Because there is no need to create the plate, it saves money and you aren’t roped into feeling obligated to print large batches because you had a plate made. This allows you to be more creative in your printing and print smaller batches.

The real advantage here is the turn around time. Digital printing takes a lot less time in the upfront set up since a plate does not have to be made. What once might take 7-10 business days now only takes 3-5 or sooner.

#2. Print on Demand

Personalized print jobs and smaller runs are possible. You can custom tailor each piece. You can also run multiple copies using digital printing.  The ability to run multiple copies without any additional downtime for setup is another way to save money and time.

#3. Printing Consistency

The printing file is created once and saved on the system. This way, when you want to use it again later, you download the file onto the digital press again and it outputs the exact same as the initial run. This limits human error and increases printing consistency.

#4. More Choices of Material and Ink Color

In digital printing, the material you are printing onto doesn’t come in contact with as much of the printing machinery so it doesn’t have to be held in place as strongly. This allows you to use more delicate fabrics and materials. They will hold up under the process of digital printing whereas analog printing is much harder on the materials.

You also have the ability to print in pretty much any color you can imagine with digital printing. With the vast color choices and material options, you can take your printing and your creativity to a whole new level.

PaladinID provides many, many printing and labeling solutions to businesses just like yours. We can help you find the perfect set up that can integration into your already existing processes and equipment. We also provide label samples upon request.

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