Linerless Labels

What Are Linerless Labels?

Sustainable. More Efficient. Lower-cost.

Unlike traditional pressure-sensitive labels, which are usually produced with a silicone backing or liner and then discarded after application of the label to whatever you’re printing on (i.e., paper), linerless ones adhere to themselves, essentially serving as their own liners.

This is accomplished by applying a release coating to the top of the label facestock. The labels easily peel off from beneath, but will securely grip the surface that they are applied to.

Benefits of Linerless Labels


Label liners contain silicone so they don’t decompose and can’t be burned. In order to recycle them, the silicone has to be separated from the paper.  This is too time-consuming, so most silicone-coated release liners end up in landfills. Linerless labels don’t contain silicone and are a much more sustainable solution.


Linerless labels don’t have a backing to gather up and discard. Workers will no longer need to spend time managing and disposing of label liners – leading to operational savings.


Linerless rolls of labels take up half the space and don’t need to be changed as often. Also, there is no waste.  This means that rolls last twice as long, leading to fewer roll changes for less downtime and wasted labels.


If you apply labels by hand, there are significant time savings without the need to remove and dispose of liners.


Linerless labels have more labels per roll and take up half the space, so not only can you fit more labels per shipping carton, but you also remove the weight of the additional liners, which equals lower shipping costs.


Silicone release liners are a slick material and can create a slip and fall hazard if the liners are left on the floor of a warehouse or production facility. Linerless labels eliminate this potential danger, helping decrease workplace accidents.


The release coating that is applied to the facestock to keep linerless labels from sticking to themselves also protects against UV, moisture, and chemicals – leading to more durable labels.


Linerless labels can be cut to size depending without leaving unnecessary white space. You can print a detailed shipping label as well as a smaller barcode label – all on the same printer from the same roll of labels.

Common Uses of Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are versatile and have a wide range of uses. They are especially useful for applications utilizing thermal printers and variable information.

These uses include:

  • Shipping and Mailing – Linerless labels are the ideal choice for those who need to print and apply shipping, inventory or bar codes quickly. These single-use products can be fulfilled with fewer resources at a lower cost than traditional methods!
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Labels – Prescription labeling, asset tracking, and patient data management.
  • Warehouse and Logistics – Barcode labels for inventory management, asset tracking, and goods movement. They are especially useful for small roll hip printers that are carried at a warehouse employee’s side.
  • Retail – Deli or meat department can label individually counted or weighed orders. Linerless labels are also useful for mobile printing of pricing or UPC labels.
  • Quick Serve Restaurants – Print custom orders on linerless labels to cut down on inaccurate orders while also providing branding, nutrition, and allergy information.

Need Help Selecting the Right Linerless Labels?

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