If material is hard to come by and you can’t get everything you need to support your customers, how are you prioritizing your business decisions?

Done: Great question. We have made some tough decisions. We are focused on taking care of our existing customer base, which has supported us for many years. We are turning down opportunities from prospects as we feel a fiduciary responsibility to our current customers. I can’t tell you how many companies have reached out to us and said they have large quantities of work they can send our way if we can just meet their needs. Our answer to those opportunities has been “Thanks for thinking of us, but with the tight supply, we are focused on our existing business right now.”  It has gotten so tight from a material supply standpoint that we are prioritizing the production of custom labels over stock products. We believe this is important because our customers rely on us to meet those custom needs.  As for stock label product, we have been forced to limit ordering quantities and to focus on the higher volume stock items. Right now, we can’t be all things to all people. It just isn’t possible. So we made a conscious decision to target the stock products that are needed most.

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