Are you trying hard enough?

DONE:Well, if you mean are we speaking with every raw material supplier we know, both domestically and internationally, the answer is yes. Material sourcing and acquisition has become a full-time activity for our strategic sourcing and executive teams.  The good news is that we enjoy very solid relationships with our suppliers and spread our volume around to ensure we are not captive to any one company. Also, we pay our bills in a timely manner and work to partner with suppliers so we get favored status. This has allowed us to take care of our customers in a manner that is as good as it gets in the market right now. We are focused on getting materials in and getting production out the door every single day.  The work load has increased 3X on every label order because of the supply chain challenges.  Every day is a grind, but we are committed to our customers in keeping them up and running and we know this to shall pass.

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