A New Clean Room Solution You Have Never Seen Before

Clean room solutions

Better Clean Room solutions are a growing concern in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Technology advances and new compliance requirements are forcing companies (in a good way) to ensure they have the best clean rooms possible. Tego Inc., the leading innovator and pioneer in the creation and deployment of intelligent assets, provides a clean room…

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Ask the Experts: Bell Hawk Shares Insights for Small Batch Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers

Small Batch Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers

Low Cost Compliance with DSCSA Serialization Requirements for Small Batch Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers When we think about pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging, I think we have this perception that the “big pharmaceutical companies” have deep resources, tremendous infrastructure and have all the resources in the world to comply with FDA regulations, new GS1 standards and DSCSA…

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Solving: Eliminate Errors while Simultaneously Labeling Thousands of Pipettes and Ampoules

labeling thousands of pipettes and ampoules

At PaladinID, we create barcode labels for specific applications.  As we’re seeing BioTech and Bio Med industries expand with barcode verification and authentication, we wanted to share this Case Study by Microscan where they face the challenges of labeling thousands of pipettes and ampoules.   In the laboratory environment, handling multiple pipettes and amoules, there…

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Solving: 8 Interesting Uses of RFID

RFID Summit in Maine!

Originally published JANUARY 30, 2018 BY DAVID BUDIAC Radio-frequency identification is pretty nifty and there are a number of truly interesting uses of RFID. Although the location-tracking tags that integrate with inventory software have been around for decades, new applications continue to appear as the tech becomes more affordable and approachable. Explosive e-commerce growth and…

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Radio Frequency Data Collection Up And Running

Radio Frequency Identification

Our radio frequency data collection is up and running.  I have a customer who is on a very good growth curve for the foreseeable future. The problem they are faced with is that the inventory and order picking is all done by manually on clip boards. After these tasks are done, the hard copy paperwork…

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ETG Systems

Last week we spoke with Jamie Thomas at ETG Systems in Dallas TX.  ETG is a software company that offers a number of specialty products.  We are initiating a relationship to resell their WEBorder application.  The product is a replacement or upgrade path for those companies using devices with acoustic couplers to remotely enter orders.  For example, there are…

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Thoughts on the drive from SC to Boston

My youngest son transferred from UMASS Amherst to the University of South Carolina last week – a smart move on his part at this time of year.  While helping him move in, I took the opportunity to visit with our friends at Scansource.  Their headquarters is in Greenville SC which about 100 miles from the campus…

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