Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Data Collection Up And Running

Our radio frequency data collection is up and running.  I have a customer who is on a very good growth curve for the foreseeable future. The problem they are faced with is that the inventory and order picking is all done by manually on clip boards. After these tasks are done, the hard copy paperwork is then sent to the office to be typed into the computer. Another problem they had is that there was a significant delay between the time they collected the data to when they could invoice their customers, it took days. They wanted something faster. With the company growing so fast, they were concerned that they would have to add people to keep up with the increase in business. They asked PaladinID to come in and see what solutions we had to offer. Once we took a look at what they were doing, we could see that using the latest in mobile handheld computers, they would not only save time in their current processes, but virtually eliminate all errors from not having to key in the data but best of all it would be real time. The customer was thrilled and could not wait to get started once we gave them the proposal. They have been using this new system for well over a year now. The system exceeded their expectations and they believe they could grow over 200% and not add any people in the warehouse. They can now invoice the same hour once the picking is done and all key punch errors are gone. They have given us a great recommendation for our knowledge and follow-through.

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