RFID Tags that Can Be Sterilized: A Game Changer

RFID tags that can be sterilized

Product safety and sterilization standards are in the forefront of every manufacturing company’s mind. Pharmaceutical companies must adhere to stringent sterilization and safety standards.

What if…

What if you could attach or embed a tag or label to every single asset you had that would track everything about the item from creation until you were no longer responsible for it?

What if that same tag or label could withstand sterilization and rugged conditions?

Imagine if…

Imagine tossing all the pens and clipboards.

Imagine reducing the number of times your assets where handled by humans, reducing the chance for contamination.

Imagine the success of your production and inventory tracking.

The Solution is Here: RFID Tags that Can Be Sterilized

Tego, the leading innovator and pioneer in the creation and deployment of intelligent assets, has created the world’s only sterilization-proof ultra-high frequency (UHF) Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip.

Tego’s products can withstand Gamma sterilization,  eBeam sterilization,  Ethylene oxide sterilization, and Cold storage (-80C).

But it gets even better.

This cutting-edge chip also has a dynamic software application behind it. You can capture the full digital history of any asset including its entire life cycle, workflow, chain of custody, sterilization and more. This history begins prior to manufacturing, spans its duration and aftermath, and captures critical data throughout the environmental monitoring process.

With the label or tag permanently affixed to the asset, the asset contains a living memory of its own history throughout its workflow. Even better, the label or tag can withstand multiple cycles of sterilization.

How is the Data Accessed?RFID tags that can be sterilized

The data is accessible via smart phone app, portable device (tablet, etc), or can be read using an autonomous reader that is placed strategically in one or multiple locations. The digital data collected on any asset is virtually unlimited.

It can include:

  • batch, workflow step or stage
  • explicit processes for compliance
  • expiration dates
  • any other attributes that are relevant and critical to the workflow

In addition to residing with the asset itself, the data is transmitted and backed up to the TegoHub, a centralized database and web-based application managed by the Tego platform. TegoHub can be configured to interface with other systems such as LIMS or BMS (building management), extending the reach and usefulness of the asset data.

Bottom Line: The Tego platform will integrate with what you are already using, saving time and money. RFID tags that can be sterilized

More specifically, the platform can be configured to automate the following use cases:

  • Digitization of manufacturing room logbooks
  • Media life cycle for use during contamination events (used or unused media)
  • Equipment usage
  • Material/waste/product/equipment flows
  • Chain of custody for batches and related documents

The solution enables automated tracking of  materials, samples and assets for less labor-intensive activities, better visibility and reporting, and reduces overall contamination risk on the manufacturing floor.

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Benefits of RFID Tags That can be Sterilized


  • Automate data collection from devices and people
  • Eliminate redundancy data entry and transcription errors
  • Gain direct traceability of QC Micro programs
  • Improve worker efficiency
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Make sound product and quality release decisions


  • Accurate, secure, and automated digitized data flowing directly from the manufacturing room floor into LIMS, BMS, MES, etc
  • Automated alerting and event reporting based on workflow movement of aseptic materials, samples, and assets
  • Personnel monitoring in real time


  • Digitizing materials, samples and assets
  • Fifty percent reduction in labor
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced financial penalties
  • Better reporting for FDA

RFID tags that can be sterilized

How Do I Find Out More?

PaladinID is excited to announce that we are among a very few select companies who are privileged to partner with and promote Tego’s cutting edge products and solutions. Please contact us if you would like to more about the ways Tego can help you become even better at asset tracking, controlling, and monitoring.

Without this solution manual paper and pencil processes are burden with:

  • paper scheduling
  • market labeling of sample media
  • manual reconciliation
  • paper log book entry
  • manual notification of deviations
  • test results stored in shelves of paper binders

All of these things are a challenge to navigate in an audit. Tego solves all of this for you.

Send us an Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234 for more information.

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