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Real World Product Labeling SolutionsProduct Spotlight for February 10, 2019

Having trouble with product labels in your freezer environment?

We have a new product called PolarBond! Naturally, it is perfect for the food and beverage packing industry where very hot or very cold environments are common.

PolarBond is an adhesive that is designed for low temperatures where labels need to withstand up -10 to -23 degrees.  The service range is -65 to 150F.

What is the difference between application range and service range?

Don’t accidentally interchanged these terms. They are not the same thing.

Application range =  the temperature at which the product is labeled.

Service range = the temperatures the product is stored at (or will encounter throughout the lifespan of the product).

PolarBond is the solution for products that need to be labeled at a lower temperature than most readily available adhesives on the market can handle.

Some of the properties of this powerful adhesive include:

  • high initial tack
  • sticks quickly
  • stays in place
  • extremely durable
  • Works great in high condensation environments

PolarBond is an all in one solution for very cold low temps to high temps.

It can be used in:

  • direct thermal label printers
  • thermal transfer label printers
  • any standard food label printer
  • a warehouse label printer

You can use PolarBond on paper or film BOPP label stock. So many options!

Here are some typical applications of PolarBond:

  • Refrigerated and frozen foods
  • Meat, poultry and cheese packaging
  • Corrugate labeling
  • Waxy corrugate boxes
  • Logistic warehousing
  • High recycle content corrugate

The PolarBond adhesive comes in a variety of label materials, including:

  • Direct thermal
  • Thermal transfer
  • 2.6 mil White BOPP

We have a full suite of label samples that use PolarBond for you to test for yourself.  Send us an Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234.

“Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value”.

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“Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value”.

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