Pencils Could be Costing Your Company Money

It is not the pencils themselves that are the problem, however, but what they imply, which is that the organization is still using paper forms followed by manual keyboard data into Excel spreadsheets and/or its accounting/ERP system to track its inventory and its work-in-process. This can cost a manufacturing plant over $100,000 per year in unnecessary labor costs plus result in expensive mistakes and loss of future customer orders due to late shipments.

We partner with a great company, KnarrTek, to provide the best-integrated barcode and RFID tracking software and a team with the know-how to implement these systems.

There are currently 50,000 mid-sized manufacturing plants in the USA still using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to capture inventory tracking and work-in-process tracking data.

Read KnarrTek’s latest whitepaper on Why Number 2 Pencils are the Worst Possible Investment for Manufacturing Companies! 

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