FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Overprinter

FlexPackPro Overprinter

Real World Product Labeling SolutionsThe FlexPackPRO® thermal transfer overprinter offers several models that can be used in a continuous, intermittent or the new standalone environment!  (See videos of all three product lines below.) These units can be used as a direct replacement for a Videojet, Markem-Imaje, Bell-Mark or one of the many other thermal transfer overprinters on the market today.  A typical application would be used in conjunction with a form fill and seal machine. This flexible packaging printer is more durable and less expensive to purchase and operate than their competitors. We also offer a full line of thermal transfer ribbons for every application.  Email or call us today with your challenge.


Thermal Transfer Overprinting

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is an on-demand variable printing technology for flexible packaging.

Do you need to add cost-effective variable imaging to an old bagging machine? What about state-of-the-art coders for brand new packaging lines?

FlexPackPRO® provides the perfect thermal transfer overprinting solution.

PaladinID is now a distributor of this product line. Find out why we think this is a superior solution to your on-demand printing needs. 

FlexPackPRO® are better built machines at a more reasonable price. Conversely, most of the competitor models have plastic parts that are not built to last.

On demand printing technology makes your packaging solutions so much easier. Newer technology requires knowledge of mounting and connecting  TTO printer to packaging machine. FlexPackPRO® is the first product to streamline this process.

FlexPackPRO Data Sheet


Don’t Use the Same Machine for Continuous and Intermittent Printing

Some competitors have both continuous and intermittent options built into the same TTO model. They do that to reduce the number of machines and models they need to have on hand. However, FlexPackPRO® believes that is an engineering mistake that has led to more complicated internal electronic issues. Not to mention, a much higher rate of service events and downtime compared to FlexPackPRO®.

For more information on the differences between intermittent and continuous printing click here.

WOW! The FlexPackPRO® machines can print up to 32” per second for high speed applications.

As you can see, TTO are either intermittent or continuous. We make the most reliable models of each kind.

Why are you looking for a new TTO?

Do you need to add a TTO to a packaging line?

Are you looking to replace a competitor’s TTO printer with a more rugged, reliable one?

Are you upgrading from a hot stamp to a superior print technology?

FlexPackPRO® is a superior solution for any of these printing needs. 

Short Runs? Unusually Shaped Bags?

No problem! The tabletop TTO is a new variation on an exiting theme and is ideal for companies who have short runs or unusually shaped bags that need to print variable data and do not want to use a label.  This economical solution was recently introduced at PackExpo® and is the only of its kind. 

This model is perfect for the medical industry or others that uses pouches with variable information. The user friendly software makes editing information really simple and easy. The machine can hold up to 5,000 different images.

Installation Experience

Our world-class tech team has experience installing TTO on virtually all brands of machinery including:

  • Vertical Form Fimm & Seal
  • Horizontal Form Fill & Seal
  • Thermoform, Fill & Seal
  • Flow Wrappers
  • Tray Sealers
  • Autobaggers
  • Labeling Systems (hot stamp)

The FlexPackPRO® units can be purchased with new packaging equipment or used for replacing:

  • Videojet
  • Markem-Imaje
  • Belmarc

Why FlexPackPRO®?

FlexPackPRO® TTO printers provide rugged, durable, high-resolution variable printing and coding on the vast majority of flexible packaging and labeling equipment.  From traditional vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines and horizontal flow wrappers, to feeder-conveyor systems and label applicators, FlexPackPRO® can provide a TTO solution to greatly enhance the coding and marking capabilities of your equipment.

WARRANTY: FlexPackPRO® brand thermal transfer overprinters are extremely dependable. We offer the industry’s longest standard warranty,  a total of 18 months!

Industry Compliance

Our high-resolution in-line coders print a complete range of codes, text and graphics to meet virtually all industry regulations and requirements. We’ll gladly do print tests ahead of time to ease any concerns.


  • Salty Snacks
  • Candy/Confectionery
  • Baked Goods
  • Powder Mixes
  • Coffee
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Cereal & Protein Bars
  • Meat, Dairy, Poultry
  • Frozen Foods
  • Fresh Salads

Other industries we serve:

  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Fasteners

See why companies are switching to a more cost effective way to “Make Their Mark”!

We also carry a full line of flexible packaging thermal transfer near-edge ribbons  (in all sizes and formulations) and print heads.  Email or call 888.972.5234 for sample thermal transfer ribbons.


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