Custom Cannabis Labels: A Guide

Cannabis Product Labeling

Your cannabis business needs an economical solution for your custom cannabis labels. We have the perfect system!

The cannabis industry is exploding. While the Federal & State governments work out all the details, one thing that will remain a constant priority is labeling requirements. These do vary from state to state, but every single cannabis business needs a labeling solution.

Some labels can be white with black lettering. Others must contain red warnings, while others have to have specific information in even more colors.  Instead of buying several different labels, lots of different ink ribbons, and even different printers, we can help you figure out the best in-house system that will get it all done fast and for less money.

Variable data options are a must for your business too and we have solutions that let you change info on the fly and run small batches of labels.

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custom cannabis labels

Cannabis Products are Considered Consumables

Both cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis (containing THC) are consumable products. Therefore there are specific rules regarding how they are packaged. In addition to the basic date, weight, ingredient, and manufacturer information, there are additional requirements that may vary from state to state for both medicinal and recreational cannabis.

Here are a few labeling considerations:

Special Symbols and Types

Some states require that cannabis products are labeled with standardized symbols. For example, labels in Oregon must use symbols that differentiate between hemp products (such as CBD) and cannabis. Additionally, states may regulate the size of type that is used on the label.

Cannabis Labels: Warnings and SymbolsWarnings and Symbols

Regulations for Directions of Use labeling can vary from state to state. These regulations may include rules dictating how to document the amount of THC a product contains, as well as the need for required warning messages. For example, Alaska requires labels to include multiple warning statements including, “Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive.”

Also, warnings have to be in red and other colors may be required for symbols and other information.

Find out more at Cannabis Labels: Warnings and Symbols.

Track and Trace & RFID

In an industry where misrepresentations and counterfeit products can be life-threatening, one of the ways your clients can differentiate themselves is to add features that increase trust among their customers. Track and trace capabilities allow products to be monitored along the entire supply chain. RFID streamlines this process by proving chain-of-custody transactions and eliminating manual processes.

Tamper-Evident Labeling

Tamper-Evident labels are designed to show that an item is securely packaged and cannot be messed with. It will have one or more barriers custom cannabis labelsof entry and provide visible evidence to a consumer that the product has been tampered with.

For example, someone cannot open the package and remove the item to steal it. These labels are a visual deterrent but they also provide evidence that the items were tampered with or that someone attempted to mess with it. 

Thieves and counterfeiters are smart so label manufacturers have to be smarter.

The tamper-evident labels that PaladinID provides can help secure and protect a variety of items, ranging from high-value products, medications, and important documentation.

For more things to consider with your Custom Cannabis Labels, click here.

What PaladinID Can Help You With:

  • 1000s of Standard Dies
  • Custom Laser Die Cut Designs
  • A Variety of Substrates and Adhesives
  • Variable Data for Barcodes and Product Versions
  • Print Effects Such as UV Inks for Added Security
  • Sealing & Tamper-Evident Tape
  • Custom Design Services

We would love to talk with you about your cannabis business and find out more about your labeling needs. We have helped many companies figure out the perfect custom cannabis labels for their particular requirements and we’d appreciate a chance to see if we can do the same for you. Please send us an email or give us a call with any questions.

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