Waterproof Labels: 2 Great Options

Do you need waterproof labels? What about weather resistant labels? Have you found a cost effect and easy solution? Do they hold up under moisture? Do they withstand the elements? Waterproof Labels If you need waterproof labels for chilled beverages, refrigerated entrees, frozen desserts, frozen meats and seafood, or chemical and pharmaceutical products, then Watershield™…

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Product Spotlight: PermTherm- Simplifies Label Printing

Product Spotlight: PermTherm Product Labels

Thermal Bar Code Printing Becomes Simpler with PermTherm direct thermal polyolefin film. No ribbons, No coating, Exceptional Performance What is PermTherm? PermTherm is a white, direct thermal polyolefin film that provides an innovative single-layer substrate for thermal printing.  Sharp, durable, fade-proof images are created on PermTherm film using a standard thermal bar code printer.  The…

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