Product Spotlight: PermTherm Product Labels

Product Spotlight: PermTherm- Simplifies Label Printing

PermTherm direct thermal polyolefin filmThermal Bar Code Printing Becomes Simpler with PermTherm direct thermal polyolefin film.

No ribbons, No coating, Exceptional Performance

What is PermTherm?

PermTherm is a white, direct thermal polyolefin film that provides an innovative single-layer substrate for thermal printing.  Sharp, durable, fade-proof images are created on PermTherm film using a standard thermal bar code printer.  The film’s print surface has excellent receptivity to many inks for pre-printed applications such as logos and color graphics.

Key Features:Polypro Product Labels

  • Image permanence resists fading from heat, cold, light or moisture
  • Image is UV light-resistant and is estimated to last 18 months outdoors.  More expanded testing in currently in progress.
  • Resistant to damage from exposure to chemicals
  • Significant cost reduction when compared to thermal transfer and ribbon applications
  • Permanent, removable and Ultra removable adhesives available

For what type of labels are PermTherm used?

PermTherm film can be used for pressure-sensitive labels, tickets, tags and point of sale applications.  It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications where chemical or water resistance is required.  This product was designed to fill a void in the mobile printing market where a paper label would not work.  We see PermTherm moving into the desktop and industrial printing market with many applications such as:  

  • Retail food applications (ex: Starbucks)
  • Meets FDA 21 CFR 175.105
  • Consumer products
  • Nursery labels (ex: Potted plants)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical labels
  • Medical labels (ex: Medevice tray labels)
  • Logistics, inventory, shipping, warehouse, pallet and tracking labels

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