Pencils Could be Costing Your Company Money

It is not the pencils themselves that are the problem, however, but what they imply, which is that the organization is still using paper forms followed by manual keyboard data into Excel spreadsheets and/or its accounting/ERP system to track its inventory and its work-in-process. This can cost a manufacturing plant over $100,000 per year in…

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Craft Beer Labeling: Switch to Automatic Labeling

Craft Beer Labeling

It’s no secret that microbrewers and taprooms have popped up everywhere in the last 15 years or more. There are over 8700 across the country. In fact, craft beer accounts for nearly 24% of the current retail beer market. Retail dollar sales in the US alone top the $22 billion mark. So, to say that…

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Are You Testing Your Labels Properly?

One of the most overlooked issues in product labeling is testing your labels properly. What do we mean by this? Not Properly Testing New Labels and New Product Surfaces When you launch a new product (or change the surface you are applying the label to) you need to test it. This is extremely important, especially…

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