The Ultimate Solution for High-Heat Direct Thermal Printing

PaladinID’s latest innovation in direct thermal mobile printing solutions – RevealPro High-Heat. A game-changing product for businesses that require mobile printing solutions that can withstand harsh conditions without sacrificing quality.

Why RevealPro High-Heat is Essential for Your Business

Are you in search of a direct thermal label that braves the elements effortlessly? With the discontinuation of Zebra’s Thermalock, many businesses felt a gap in their operational needs. RevealPro High-Heat steps in to fill this void with unparalleled efficiency. Designed to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures, RevealPro High-Heat labels remain impervious to fading or blackening, even under direct thermal printing processes.

RevealPro High-Heat: The Epitome of Durability and Versatility

What sets RevealPro High-Heat apart is its remarkable resistance against heat, cold, UV light, water, and various chemicals, including alcohol. Its resilience not only outperforms traditional synthetic direct thermal labels but also rivals the durability of thermal transfer BOPP labels used with wax/resin ribbons. This makes it an ideal choice for mobile outdoor labeling needs.

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Industries That Benefit from
RevealPro High-Heat

This innovative label material is particularly beneficial for industries like:

  • Greenhouses and Nurseries

  • Auto-Auctions

  • Auto Transport Businesses

  • Lumber Yards

  • Storage of outdoor equipment

Case Study: Solving Real-World Challenges

RevealPro High-Heat effectively resolved a critical issue faced by an agricultural plant company. Labels were turning black in high-heat areas of their greenhouse due to the use of Zebra’s discontinued Thermalock. RevealPro’s special coating designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity provided a durable labeling solution, making it compatible with any direct thermal printer.


Eco-Friendly and Safe: Committed
to Health and Environment

In our commitment to health and the environment, RevealPro High-Heat is produced in the USA, free from BPA/BPS and leuco dyes. Its manufacture involves no harmful direct thermal chemicals, aligning with our dedication to human health and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, it meets FDA-175.105 standards for indirect food contact, ensuring safety in various applications.

Explore RevealPrint with
the PaladinID Difference

As your guide in the labeling world, PaladinID ensures that integrating RevealPrint into your process is seamless. Contact us at 888.972.5234, Email Us or schedule a Discovery Call below. Explore how RevealPrint can revolutionize your companies labeling strategy.

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