Common Problems with Manufacturing Labels

Problems with Manufacturing Labels

Are you having any problems with manufacturing labels?

I’ve been in the labeling business a long time and I have seen many types of problems and helped my clients solve a lot of issues. Chances are, if you are having a problem–we have the solution.

Solving Problems with Manufacturing Labels

When I begin working with a new client (or tackle a new situation with an existing client), I approach the problem by working backward. What do I mean by this?

In order to find the best solution we start with the required label life. How long does this label need to last? It is so important to understand the service and life of the application.

Next we define what the label needs to stick to (adhesives). Next we define any environments that the label may encounter.

This can include:

The solution usually reveals itself once we know these crucial factors. Sometimes there are a few options that are better in some areas than others, and we always consider price and equipment.

Before I entered the world of labels and printing,  I worked in the jewelry industry. Pretty different, I know. However, one thing has remained the same for me–I am always looking for the best value for my client. Back in the day I was called “Good Deal Dana” because I had a knack for finding the really good deals. I have carried this talent with me into the label industry. A solution is not perfect for you unless it also works within your budget or even better–saves you money and time. 

Additional things to consider:

Can the label be pre-printed? If it can, this can save you time and money. And really, time equals money, doesn’t it?

Does it need variable printing? How often do you need to change the information on the label?

Is it auto applied or applied by hand? We can help you automate the process and get you switched over. This frees up employees to do other valuable work. Below, I describe a solution like this for a client.

Examples of Solutions to Common Problems with Manufacturing Labels

Applying Labels to Recycled CardboardCommon Problems with Manufacturing Labels

As businesses move toward greener solutions (and who doesn’t want that?), new issues arise with labeling–specifically adhesives. (No one wants that!)

Recycled cardboard is a wonderful way to help save the planet, however it tends to be wavier and has a waxier coating. It’s no surprise that this is harder to stick labels too. A simple solution is to upgrade your adhesives so they stick better. We have solutions for this! It doesn’t require overhauling your whole labeling line just because you have committed to being earth-friendly. 

Cold Temps and Small Products

Small products require small labels. Sometimes small labels tend to “flag” or lift up on a corner. Products that are exposed to cold temperatures often have this problem. For example, if the label is being wrapped around an object instead of laying flat. The memory of the label makes it want to lay flat. Yep, labels have “memory.” Interesting, isn’t it?

A great example of this is wrapping a small label around a glass vial. The solution is to use thinner face sheets that have more flexibility.

We have lots of options.

Labeling Ampules - Real-time Mass Production

Automating Label Applications

Does your company apply labels automatically with machines or are they applied by hand? We are seeing more and more businesses automating this process using applicators. Before this can happen the labels have to be made applicator ready.

This means the liner has to be perfect. There can’t be any nicks, small tears, bubbles or blemishes, or the liner could get jammed up in the machine. Also, the auto tension on the liner has to be perfect or it could snap. The liners used in automated applicators have to be a really high quality–and we have plenty of those! 

If you are hand applying the labels there is more room for liner issues since they aren’t going through an applicator machine. 

There are portable label applicators and larger scale applicators to fit the needs of most size businesses. If you want to explore changing out your labels to be auto-applied we can help you find a solution that works for your unique situation. 

PaladinID recently worked with a company who originally had 25 people working all day to stick labels on ampules. We switched them to an automated system and now one label is being applied every second. They have had to scale the expectation of their production to keep up, but the bottom line is they are doing more in less time with less labor. Win-Win-Win.

Adding Color to Labels

Manufacturing relies heavily on color coding and organization. For a long time, the cost of color kept businesses from using color to increase efficiencies. Not any more. A new product has just hit the market that is 65% less cost that Zebra IQ. There are so many reasons why we love this product. Check out RevealPrint Direct Thermal Color Labels.

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