A New Clean Room Solution You Have Never Seen Before

Clean room solutions

Better Clean Room solutions are a growing concern in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Technology advances and new compliance requirements are forcing companies (in a good way) to ensure they have the best clean rooms possible.

Tego Inc., the leading innovator and pioneer in the creation and deployment of intelligent assets, provides a clean room solution that is smarter and saves time and money.

One of the biggest advantages is Tego’s RFID chip or tag that can be embedded or attached to any asset or item. These chips and tags are ruggedly designed to withstand the following:

  • Gamma sterilization
  • eBeam sterilization
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Cold storage (-80C)

But it gets even better!

Clean Room Solutions You Never have to Touch

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires companies to follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). Every vaccine, drug, or biologic product has to be certified that is was produced in a safe and controlled environment. These items also contain agar exposure plates that are uses to prevent contamination while making medications and vaccines. The plates are used to identify if any mold or other contamination takes place, thereby identifying a problem before it can reach a finished product or a patient.

The Touchless Environmental Monitoring Solution is aimed at providing a history of each component and its chain of custody to better manage use and location. Companies will use the solution to automate the collection of data, thus ensuring that the agar plate does not need to be touched to access its ID or data, and to capture a history about the item itself and the people who have interacted with it.

Tego’s RFID solutions have high-memory chips that can hold up to 24 kilobytes of memory and can also track:

  • a history of each component
  • its chain of custody
  • use and location
  • what items or products were located around it (in the event of a contamination)
  • cleanroom airflow monitoring filters
  • finished drug components
  • raw materials
  • components used to monitor the environment

However, because these assets are often moved from one workstation, lab or manufacturing facility to another, many people need to track them and document details about them as they move. All of these different people may not be using the same system or platform to track.

It is easy to see how information could be lost or not tracked at all. This could result in an audit nightmare and fines for non-compliance. No company wants that.

That is where Tego’s platform comes in.

Integrates with What You Already Have

Tego’s environmental-monitoring solution includes handheld readers from a variety of vendors. By using the solution with high-memory Tego tags, multiple entities can have access to the data written on the tag itself, even if they lack access to the software.

Tego’s solution consists of the cloud-based Asset Intelligence platform with its Hub software dashboard, as well as the Tego Narrator App, which users can download on their reading device.

Platform AdvantagesRFID tags that can be sterilized

  • Quick and inexpensive deployment
  • Minimal new infrastructure requirements
  • Universally deployable on any type of product, packaging, part or component
  • Open and multi-platform, Tego’s mobile device application supports all major mobile and desktop operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows and OS X
  • Tego operates across all RF gateway protocols and handheld readers
  • Scalable to any environment and size of operation
  • Capable of standalone deployment without complex integrations
  • Integration with inventory management systems or EAM modules, through a library of APIs
  • Configurable to customer requirements
  • Easier sharing of data across systems

How Do I Learn More?

PaladinID is excited to announce that we are among a very few select companies who are privileged to partner with and promote Tego’s cutting edge products and solutions. Please contact us if you would like to more about the ways Tego can help you become even better at clean room solutions, asset tracking, controlling, and monitoring.

Without this solution you will have more people touching your assets, a danger to contamination, and possible data loss as the items move though the chain of command.

All of these things are a challenge to navigate in an audit. Tego solves all of this for you.

Send us an Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234 for more information.

“Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value”.

Please give us a call at 888.972.5234 or send us an email, we are here to help.

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“Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value”.

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