RevealPrint: Direct Color Thermal Printer Labels


"RevealPrint direct thermal label technology allows you to highlight variable data in color,
providing you with the ability to prioritize, differentiate or consolidate your products and processes."

Looking for an affordable color option for your direct thermal product labels?  One where you can increase efficiencies and revenues while decreasing costs?  You might be thinking, "that sounds too good to be true."

The RevealPrint direct thermal color image system is your solution!

If you would like to add affordable color to your product labels, please send us an Email or call 888.972.5234 to discuss.

Affordable Color!

It is not very often in the label world when a new product is introduced that could significantly alter and open up a whole new market.  We are excited to announce RevealPrint to our label portfolio.  RevealPrint™ is a patented process that embeds color ink  into the direct thermal coating that is then applied to a substrate.  In this case, it would either be a pressure sensitive label or tag using either a paper or film material.  This allows the end user to print an image or text in color.

This is totally different than printing black on pre-printed color product label stock.

The process is simple: You start with a white label. Then you design the designated areas where you would like to highlight text or graphics in color. Finally, you print your labels.  Choose up to 8 colors on each label.  There is no limit to specific colors! See sample labels below.

RevealPrint Direct Thermal Color Printing SystemAdvantages of RevealPrint:

  • Fade resistant labels and ink
  • You can use multiple colors
  • Crisp, bold black print and vibrant colors
  • Use with any pressure sensitive label application
  • Pricing at a fraction of the current solution
  • RevealPrint labels are Lueco Dye, BPA and BPS free
  • No ribbons required
  • Works with any direct thermal printer, even mobile
  • Up to eight colors
  • Not restricted in specific colors

Companies know the advantages of using color to highlight variable data on their labels.  Until now, the only other available solution came with very high costs and high minimums.  Because of these issues, companies have been reluctant to use color.  For about the same cost as custom direct thermal labels, you can have multiple color zones on your labels. Amazingly, you do not need to change a thing in your label printing process!  Minimum order quantities are a thing of the past.  It is a win-win situation!

Do You Need Color Inventory Labels or Color Product Labels?

This product is perfect for companies who want to add color to enhance their current product labels, but were unable to do so due to the high costs of the materials.  The competitive advantage is that this whole process, from start to finish, is done in one process, all in our facilities. Raw materials are purchased and brought in house, coatings are applied to the face-stock with our special ink along with adhesive and liner and then we die cut and slit the rolls.  This is all done under one roof.

The end results is a price point that is slightly over custom blank direct thermal labels with very low minimums.  Typically, 10 rolls of a 4" x 6" label. The best news is RevealPrint™ is approximately 75% less than the cost of the single solution available on the market today.  We are very excited about this product and are sure you will be as well.  Samples available upon request.  Let's discuss how RevealPrint color label technology can deliver operational savings and improved productivity.

RevealPrint FAQs

With traditional direct thermal labels you can only image in black.  You can have colored labels, but they are typically floodcoated and you can still only print or image in black.  With RevealPrint’s patented technology, you choose the areas where color will highlight your products.  You can have as many colors as you wish.  When the labels get imaged, the area where the color is applied turns that color for text, images or graphics.  So the labels come to you as white, and the color on the label is invisible to the eye until heat is applied.  Sections of your labels will pop with vibrant color, making is easy to differentiate your products. The RevealPrint product does not contain any Leuco Dye, BPA or BPS chemicals and are fade resistant, unlike traditional thermal labels.  For samples of this exciting new product, please contact us via Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234.  We want to hear about your label printing challenges and help you find a solution.

The beauty of RevealPrint is that there are no limits or restriction on how many colors you can have on a label.  The number of colors is only restricted by the label size and the amount of data in a specific color.  We have total control of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Therefore, this enables us to do things that no other company can offer.  We have full flexibility with the finished product.  Currently, we are able to put up to eight colors on a label.  For samples of this exciting new product, contact us via Email or call 888.972.5234.  We look forward to talking with you.

The short answer is no.  You can put a single color or multiple colors anywhere on the label.  Once the location is determined, the color is set in those designated spots or what we call “zones” per part number SKU.  The variable data on each label can be different.  If the location of the color on the label is not imaged, that section of the label will remain white.  For example, if you wanted color on 1″ of the leading edge of the label as it exits the printer, you can choose any color you want, but for any given product number SKU, that color will remain the same.  So for instance, if you wanted green, it would always be green for that part number.  If you wanted red, you would have to order another label for a different part number.  You can choose to image that section and Reveal the color, or not and leave it white.  This technology does not allow you the change the colors on the labels once the labels are produced.  Looking for samples, contact us via Email or by phone at 888.972.5234.


The RevealPrint cost difference is that labels are only slightly more expensive than traditional custom direct thermal labels. The reason is because the process of making these labels is all done in-house. Coating the label material with the RevealPrint technology, coating the adhesive, applying the liner, and then die cutting and slitting are all done inline on one machine.  This makes the whole process very lean, fast, and cost effective.  The process does not use any Leuco dyes, BPS or BPA chemicals.  The end result is a vibrant color, fade resistant label for a fraction of the cost of what is currently on the market today.

We would love to send you samples of this exciting new product.  Send us an Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234, we are here to help.

The simple answer is yes.  These labels can be used in a black and white application.  The advantages are better quality imaging on facestocks with crisp images, bar codes, and text.  The biggest advantage of RevealPrint in a black and white application is the smudge and abrasion resistance of the top coatings.  If you have an application that requires a more robust direct thermal label, then the RevealPrint solution is right for you.  Would you like to see samples? Send us an Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234.  We would love to discuss your specific label application.


  • More smudge proof and abrasion resistance
  • crisp images, bar codes, and text
  • Longer shelf life, 2-3 years
  • Available in paper or synthetic materials

We would love to talk with you.  With over 35 years in the business, no two companies are alike in their needs and wants. The RevealPrint custom color label solution opens up many doors that have traditionally been closed due to costs and high MOQ’s (minimum order quantities).  The studies have shown a 25% increase in productivity on the low end when color is implemented into the supply chain.   There are many functional benefits to using RevealPrint solution for color including:

  • Improves awareness
  • Increases communication
  • Improves product identification
  • Reduces the costs of human error
  • Increases efficiency
  • Greatly reduces label cost of today’s current solutions

Having a discussion about your application is the first step in improving your processes.  Once you understand the benefits of RevealPrint over what is currently available, you will be glad you made the call.  Send us an Email or call 888.972.5234, we are here to help.

Please send us your label requirements via our Contact Us form and we will provide you with a label quote.  Once we receive that, a quote will be provided in 48 hours.  We can even produce a sample of your label within 7-10 working days.  Depending on quantities, you can expect that pricing will be comparable to a custom direct thermal label, but about 75% of the cost of what is currently available.  As always, you are welcome to contact us via Email or call 888.972.5234 for any questions.  RevealPrint label samples are available upon request.

The simple answer is yes, the RevealPrint solution works with every direct thermal label printer on the market.  We suggest you test before placing an order.  What we have found that with older model direct thermal printers or a label printer with high use, the printhead gets worn down and needs to be replaced.  We have a complete line of bar code printheads available as well to keep your labels looking perfect.  For samples of this exciting new color labeling product, please Email or call 888.972.5234.

The RevealPrint direct label printing solution is cheaper than the competition. This new patented technology is easier to work with and offers a more efficient way to manufacture. We can produce labels or tags in house on a single pass production line. The process starts with the application of the direct thermal coating and ink on the facestock, and then applying the adhesive and liner.  Once that process is complete, the product moves to die cutting, slitting and packaging all in one application, thus reducing costs in time and labor.  It is a fully integrated manufacturing process and we pass the savings along to our customers.  This is not an improvement on traditional direct thermal paper. RevealPrint is a totally different chemistry and patented solution that can be produced at a lower costs than traditional color direct thermal labels.

For samples of RevealPrint, please contact us via Email or call 888.972.5234.  We look forward to discussing your label printing challenges and finding a solution.

Advantages are:

  • Manufacturing is done at one facility, speeds manufacturing time, lowers costs
  • Labels will not fade
  • Low MOQ’s (minimum order quantities)
  • No restriction on color choices
  • About 75% of the cost of what is currently available
  • Currently up to eight colors per label

The short answer is no.  The RevealPrint technology/chemistry is totally different than what is in use today.  Typical direct thermal coatings have a 6 month shelf life.  The RevealPrint labels can be used even after they have been on the shelf for 2-3 years.  The technology does not break down over time.  This alone provides a huge cost savings because you do not have to throw away unused dated labels. due to a short shelf life.  This new technology allows the coatings to be stable over a long period of time.  Looking to see RevealPrint for yourself?  Send us an Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234 for samples and to discuss your label application.

When it comes to RevealPrint competitors, there is only one and they don’t measure up: Zebra IQ Label products.  Both products use a direct thermal coating and have several choices of facesheets and adhesives.  But that is where the similarities end.

The RevealPrint product can be ordered with up to 8 color zones on the labels from virtually an unlimited color pallet. The Zebra IQ product can only accommodate up to four colors from a selection of 8 colors.

When it comes to minimums, the RevealPrint labels have a very low MOQ (minimum order quantity) whereas the Zebra IQ is very high.
Check out more info on RevealPrint here.

The biggest difference between RevealPrint and Zebra IQ is the price. RevealPrint labels are about 65% less money than the Zebra IQ labels. The main reason for this is the streamlined manufacturing process and how the color is produced.  By providing a solution with more color options at a fraction of the cost, there is only one choice, RevealPrint!

Give us a call and speak with Dana Ritchie to discuss your label application. 888-972-5234!

RevealPrinit Direct Thermal Color Printing System

View RevealPrint Brochure and Quote Form

Let's discuss how RevealPrint color label technology can deliver operational savings and improved productivity to your organization.  Please contact Dana Ritchie via Email or give me a call at 888.972.5234 today.  I look forward to discussing your label application and how you can benefits of RevealPrint.

"Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value".

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