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AMP’s New Line Of “Ripped” THC Syrup

By Dana Ritchie | June 13, 2024

Atlantic Medicinal Partners (AMP) in Massachusetts just released their latest line of products. It is their syrup called “Ripped” with the first five flavors. The consensus is that the watermelon flavor will be the biggest hit. These products will be in their three stores in Fitchburg, Salem and Brockton, MA locations along with select other…

Tastes Great, No Calories!

By Dana Ritchie | June 10, 2024

One of the most frustrating things to me is when you want to spend your hard-earned money and you have to chase a supplier down to order a product.  I have placed phone call after phone call and email after email trying to get an order to ship only to be ghosted.  Do you ever…


Mastering Industrial Safety with Durable Chemical Labels

By Dana Ritchie | June 3, 2024

In the chemical industry, where the handling of hazardous substances is a daily reality, the integrity and durability of labeling systems are non-negotiable. Durable chemical labels play a pivotal role in these environments, offering resistance to harsh conditions while ensuring safety and compliance. These labels are engineered to withstand a variety of industrial challenges, including…

The New Epson Colorworks CW-C8000 Has Arrived!

By Dana Ritchie | May 30, 2024

We have been patiently awaiting for a larger version of the Epson Colorworks C7500 for several years now and today is the day! The ColorWorks CW-C8000 offers excellent print quality, reliable performance and high-speed printing with advanced connectivity and cloud printing. This printer is designed for medium to large duty cycles. Please see their press…

RFID + Direct Thermal BOPP Labels for Mobile Printers

By Dana Ritchie | May 20, 2024

As you may know, Zebra has discontinued their Thermalock 4000 label material, creating a significant gap in the market for customers requiring weather-resistant direct thermal label material for their mobile printers. An international auto transport company approached us to find a solution for their labeling needs, specifically for labels that could be applied to automobiles…

Can You Pre-Print a Direct Thermal Label?

By Dana Ritchie | May 18, 2024

Have you ever wondered if you can add an image and text (pre-print) on a direct thermal label? Just last week, I had two companies reach out with this very question. What are the chances of that? The answer, however, is yes—you can pre-print on direct thermal labels using either flexographic or digital printing technology…

Revolutionize Your Labeling Process with the Epson VT6L Robot, Your Ultimate Solution from PaladinID

By Dana Ritchie | May 6, 2024

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Many businesses struggle with the demands of precise labeling, facing challenges that can lead to decreased productivity and increased operational costs. PaladinID recognizes these challenges and offers a cutting-edge solution: the Epson VT6L Robot. This state-of-the-art label applicator is transforming the way industries handle their…

Enhancing Efficiency in Dog Treat Packaging with PaladinID’s Semi-Automatic Labeling Solutions

By Dana Ritchie | April 29, 2024

The customer was ecstatic with our solution In the dynamic world of pet food packaging, efficiency and accuracy in labeling can significantly impact productivity and brand perception. PaladinID’s semi-automatic labelers offer an optimal solution for businesses looking to upgrade from hand labeling to a more streamlined, automated process. This post explores the benefits of using…

Choosing Between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printing: What’s Best for Your Needs?

By Dana Ritchie | April 17, 2024

When selecting a label printing method, understanding the key differences between direct thermal and thermal transfer printing is crucial for optimizing your labeling strategy. Each method offers unique benefits tailored to specific uses and environments. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision for your business needs. Direct Thermal Printing: Efficient and…

Unboxing and Setting Up Your ColorWorks CW-C6000 Series Label Printer with PaladinID

By Dana Ritchie | April 17, 2024

Getting Started In the dynamic world of label printing, the ColorWorks CW-C6000 series stands out as a revolutionary player, promising exceptional print quality, versatility, and efficiency. Whether you’re managing logistics, retail labeling, or product branding, this printer series can meet your needs. Join us as we guide you through unboxing and setting up your new…