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Whether you’re in healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, or any other industry, we have the knowledge and technology to provide customized label printing solutions that help you streamline your operations and improve productivity. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business.


Recycling plants
Nursery and garden centers
Car rental companies
Lumber mills
Pipe manufacturers
Utility companies
Cannabis Retailers

Specific Use Cases

All Barcode Protocols
Embedded RFID
Exterior Use
Warehouse rack labeling
Variable data
Inkjet applications
And More

Comprehensive Label Solutions for a Variety of Industries and Use Cases

For over three decades, PaladinID has been providing labeling solutions for companies in various industries.


Warehouse Rack Labels

Warehouses can use rack labeling technology to color-code and identify inventory. Custom sizes, shapes, and adhesives are available.

Ideal Use Cases:

Inventory organization
Floor marking
Rack level identification
Aisle identification
And More!

Features & Benefits

  • Color codes help locate areas and zones
  • Symbols eliminate operator error
  • Customized to your specific inventory management needs
  • Long range scanning ability (retro-reflective & RFID)

Integrated Labels

An integrated label is embedded into a paper document. When shipping documents are printed, all associated labels are printed simultaneously.

Ideal Use Case:

E-commerce - shipping & returns
Transportation & Logistics documentation
Healthcare - multi-part patient ID and documentation
Fulfillment houses
General manufacturers - Work in process

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for multi-form/label shipping
  • Reduces print process to one-step
  • Ensures accuracy across multiple documents/labels
  • Use anywhere forms & labels are required
Integrated Label Forms

Life Science Label Solutions

Whether you’re managing a cleanroom, running a laboratory, or working in the life sciences field, we can help you label your products efficiently and accurately.

Ideal Use Case:

Cleanroom Labels
Cryogenic Samples
Vial and Ampules

Features & Benefits

  • RFID Tags that can be sterilized
  • Compatible with portable applicator
  • Cryogenic adhesive
  • Cleanroom optimal labels

Cannabis Labeling

The cannabis industry has exploded, and companies in this space know how to grow products, but packaging and labeling are not in their wheelhouse. Need to label your product containers properly and efficiently

Ideal Use Cases:

Flexible Packaging
Pre-labeled containers
Double-label containers with batch data
Inventory different SKUs in various colors
Hand labeled containers

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic batch data
  • Compatible with automatic applicator
  • Customized to your specific inventory management needs
  • Multiple color outputs
Cannabis Marketing

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As your guide in the labeling world, PaladinID offers a wide variety of label printing solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Discover your next label solution.


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