Cannabis Labeling Solutions

Over the past two years, the Cannabis industry has exploded, and companies in this space know how to grow products, but packaging and labeling are not in their wheelhouse.  That is where PaladinID comes in. We have been helping customers just like you with their label printing challenges for over 35 years.

Looking for Cannabis Labeling Solutions?

Need to label your product containers properly and efficiently and not sure of where to start? Every Cannabis manufacturer faces the same labeling challenges. We have developed a program to help you work through the different steps along the way for an efficient labeling process.

  • Long lead times with pre-labeled containers?

  • Paying $0.12 cents or more to have your containers pre-labeled?

  • Having to double-label your containers with batch data?

  • Having to inventory different SKU's in various colors?

  • Hand labeling your containers?

I bet you are saying, "there's got to be a better way." PaladinID can help. We are a full-service label company that can also provide software, printers and automatic labeling equipment!


So Many Moving Parts...

There are many parts to efficient packaging and labeling for the Cannabis industry. Here, I will break this into sections to better explain the hows and whys.

Finding the Correct Labels for your Application

It is very important that you choose the correct label material and adhesive for your products. Often times you are required to over label with testing information from a specific batch of product. This requires getting the correct adhesive. Another important element of product labeling is sometimes the label needs to be peeled back to see warning information. It is very important that the labels have the correct adhesive in order to perform this task. Regardless of your unique needs, we're here to help!

Automating Batch Data from Your Testing Facility

Most companies in this space receive the testing data of their harvest from the lab and then rekey that data into a labeling program like BarTender to print their labels. This is very time-consuming and error prone. Any time your people have to rekey data, it opens you up to mislabeling and mistakes. We work with a software integrator who can set you up to read your lab data files and put that data directly onto your labels. We can work with you to semi-automate the process or get you to a fully seamless automated label printing process.

Flexible Packaging

The Cannabis industry has a wide variety of packaging containers for their products.  One new type of packaging is called flexible packaging. The containers are made from film.  This allows you to put your product into bags or pouches.  These bags even come with the CR zipper lock.  The beauty of this technology is that it utilizes digital printing.  Digital printing offers high-quality, vibrant colors along with variable data to promote your products. As a result, flexible packaging is becoming a popular solution.  Call 888.972.5234 or Email Us for more information and samples of our work.

Printing of Your Labels

Since your labels need to be printed with variable supplied data when your products are packaged, most people opt for a Zebra thermal transfer printer. They print in rolls and then hand-apply the labels to their products. This is a very time-consuming and a physically tiring process.

Another option is to choose a color printer from Epson. By using an inkjet color label printer, your possibilities are endless. You can print on-demand graphics and text in any color. The sky is the limit and the quality is absolutely amazing. It will blow you away. Call 888.972.5234 or Email Us for samples.

Implementing an Automatic Label Applicator

This is the most exciting part of our business, getting to automate a very tedious process that will save you time and money. We have designed six new machines that are widely accepted in industry, but are targeted to the Cannabis industry. These semi-automated label applicators are for startups with low to medium size volumes. We also have high-end fully automated systems, but we see most of the growth in this market with the semi-automated label applicators. See our videos below to watch automatic label applicators in action.

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Explore Cannabis Label Solutions

As specialists in innovative cannabis industry labeling solutions, we are here to provide expert advice and support. Contact us at 888.972.5234 or via email to discuss how we can tailor a label solution to your application. Our team is eager to address any questions or concerns you may have.