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Zebra’s New Packing Slip Solution!

Packing Slip Shipping Label Combination!

3/17 through 3/23

We are very excited about Zebras New Packing Slip Solution! It is not often that a revolutionary product enters the bar code world. It is a new type of packing slip solution, for high volume shipping departments, designed to save time and money.  Custom sizes can also be ordered.

“Making companies more competitive by offering the correct label printing solution, on time, within budget, while creating unmatched value”.


Zebra Z-Slip Data Sheet Zebras New Packing Slip Solution By PaladinID

  • Does This Sound Familiar?  Your packing slip information is sent to your laser printer. You fold the slip once, twice, three times. You slide the slip into the sleeve, remove the liner and slap the sleeve onto the box. How long does it take you to do one of these? 20 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute? There has got to be an easier way. And there is. Introducing the Z-Slip packing-slip printing system from Zebra. Just print, peel and apply, and you’ve got a package that’s ready to ship.
  • An Outside Packing List is Better If you currently put packing list information into a box because of the time it takes to print and apply the traditional packing list,consider what happens when a package is sent to the wrong location.  Somebody must now open the box and identify its contents. If the products aren’t labeled, this forces the shipping department to play detective to find the correct recipient—resulting in lost time.  If no recipient is found, the package may end up “lost,” forcing the shipper to resend. Avoid these problems with Zebra’s fast print-and-apply packing slip solution.
  • A Name You Can Trust  If you’re like 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies, you probably already have a Zebra printer and it’s likely on your shipping dock. When you pair the Z-Slip packing slip material with a Zebra 170Xi4 printer, you’ve got a rock-solid system that will keep up with your shipping needs three shifts a day, every day.

We are an authorized distributor of this product.  For more information or samples email or call 888.972.5234.

PaladinID’s commitment to saving you time and money, while ensuring your product labels maintain the highest level of quality, accuracy, and consistency is what differentiates us from the competition. PaladinID has created and supported high-performance labeling solutions in many diverse fields all over the world. If you would like to know how PaladinID can help you, please email or give us a call at 888.972.5234.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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