Zebra Technologies Big Printhead Mistake!

I have just learned that Zebra Technologies is going to move forward on a new line of printers that uses a special printhead with a computer chip to determine how much media has been run through their printers.  On the surface, it sounds like a great idea.  This means that instead of the  standard 6 month warranty, whether you used the printer or not, it will now become 1 million linier inches.  This sounds good, but after a closer look what is not good is that the end user will have to purchase the printheads from Zebra.  Today for most Zebra printers you have a choice to purchase an OEM or OEM compatible printhead at substantial savings.  We sell a line of OEM compatible printheads for all thermal transfer printers and like to give our customers a choice.  We have a free report on OEM compatible printheads.  My personal opinion is that the industry is not going to go for this once the customer finds out.

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