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I had the pleasure of meeting Casey Spitz who is Zebra’s Product Manager for the XI line of thermal transfer bar code printers, which incidentally are my favorite, and printer of choice.  It was like meeting a Rock Star!  We discussed past, current and future printer models.  She was very interested in getting my feedback on the printer line and what improvements, if any, I would like to see.  I was only too happy to give her my thoughts since I have been selling Zebra printers for over 25 years.

Of the many things we talked about, the one product that intrigued me the most was the IQ color direct thermal labels.  The IQ direct thermal solution allows you to have up to four different colors on your label, this is an industry first.  Up to this point you could only have one, which was black.  This product has had a slow start, but is picking up in the market place.  She told me of several large companies that have implemented this product and several more were in the process of moving to it.  It is an interesting solution to the many picking and handling problems that plague warehouses today.

Other uses for this product include:

  • Medical lab
  • Shipping
  • Product ID
  • Inventory

I really appreciated you taking the time to spend with me.  I wish you luck and look forward to many more great things to come from Zebra Technologies.

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