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Is the hunt for the perfect labeling solution leaving you stressed and exhausted? You're not alone. The complicated labeling industry is enough to confuse anyone, even those with years of experience.

Meet James.

James manages a mid-sized manufacturing firm. Just like you, he was lost in the endless cycle of searching for the right labeling solution. His products were suffering and his brand was fading into the background. Then, James discovered PaladiniD.

PaladiniD isn’t just another company in the labeling business; we are your dedicated guide with 35+ years of experience navigating this intricate industry. We empowered James, providing him with the right tools and insights to transform his labeling process. Now, his products shine brighter than ever on the shelves, and his brand is resonating with his customers like never before.

Imagine being in James's shoes. Imagine reclaiming your time and energy, no longer burning calories over label decisions.

Picture your products standing out, your brand catching eyes, and sparking conversations. This could be your story with PaladiniD.

However, there's a flip side. Without the right guide, you may continue to spiral in the convoluted world of labeling, losing precious time and resources. Your products could blend into the background, your brand becoming just another name in the crowd.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Book a 15-minute Discovery Call with us today. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you, just like we did for James. With PaladiniD, your successful labeling project isn't just a possibility - it's a guarantee!

Every company deserves a guide in their journey towards branding success. Let PaladiniD be that guide for you. Call now.

Are you ready? Feel free to explore ...

Label Applicators

The newest addition to our product line are semi-automatic label applicators.

    • DeskTop Round Apply
    • DeskTop Round Print & Apply
    • DeskTop Flat Apply
    • DeskTop Flat Print & Apply


Flexible Packaging

This is a relatively new type of packaging that only the very large companies utilized.  Now, because more and more companies are using this type of packaging, the costs have been reduced so smaller businesses can take advantage of it.  We now can provide you with custom printed bags and shrink sleeves.  See the benefits of this new technology.

Warehouse Labels

This is a growing segment of our business.  With the reduced workforce, companies are looking to become more efficient in how they operate.  One easy way to do this is by having the warehouse bar coded to keep track of inventory.  You provide the datafile and how you want the labels to look, we print your labels with the variable information and you are good to go.

Custom Labeling Software

We have teamed up with a software integrator for applications that need more than a standard out of the box label software solution.  With a reduced workforce, companies are looking to make their label printing process more efficient.  By having their labeling software carry more of the workload, that frees people to do other tasks.

Integrated Labels

Labels on forms: Our newest addition is our stock Integrated Label forms.  This product combines a form and a label together.  There are over eighteen different form and label combinations to satisfy every application.  If one of our stock integrated label forms does not work for your application, we can provide a quote for a custom form of any size you need.

Stock Labels

When your application calls for a standard off the shelf solution.  We carry over 2,500 stock label products that could be shipped in one business day.


Printer Ribbons

This is one of the most overlooked products in our entire line.  There are literally over 500 ribbons in both Thermal Transfer and Flexible Packaging ribbons in stock and available to ship in one business day.  These ribbons are used in every label printer on the market today.

Replacement Printheads

Did you know that we have over 550 replacement printheads in stock that could be shipped in one business day?  Our printheads cover almost 90% of the printer market.  From Thermal Transfer to Flexible Packaging printers, we have you covered.  We carry printheads for all thermal/direct thermal and Near-edge (flexible packaging) printers.

Label Printers

Although we can supply any label printer that is available today, we specialize in thermal transfer printers from Zebra and Toshiba along with the inkjet line of printers from Epson.  These are the workhorses in the label printing industry.

  • Zebra
  • Epson
  • Toshiba

Labeling Software

We carry the BarTender Labeling Software from Seagull Scientific.  It is easy to use, customer support friendly labeling software available.

Custom Labels

This is 94% of our business.  We specialize in all types of custom labels using these different technologies like Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal, Inkjet and Laser.  These labels can be ordered in different sizes and shapes along with many different materials and adhesives giving you hundreds of combinations that can solve any labeling challenge that you have.


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