Why is RevealPrint so much cheaper than the competition?

The RevealPrint direct label printing solution is cheaper than the competition. This new patented technology is easier to work with and offers a more efficient way to manufacture. We can produce labels or tags in house on a single pass production line. The process starts with the application of the direct thermal coating and ink on the facestock, and then applying the adhesive and liner.  Once that process is complete, the product moves to die cutting, slitting and packaging all in one application, thus reducing costs in time and labor.  It is a fully integrated manufacturing process and we pass the savings along to our customers.  This is not an improvement on traditional direct thermal paper. RevealPrint is a totally different chemistry and patented solution that can be produced at a lower costs than traditional color direct thermal labels.

For samples of RevealPrint, please contact us via Email or call 888.972.5234.  We look forward to discussing your label printing challenges and finding a solution.

Advantages are:

  • Manufacturing is done at one facility, speeds manufacturing time, lowers costs
  • Labels will not fade
  • Low MOQ’s (minimum order quantities)
  • No restriction on color choices
  • About 75% of the cost of what is currently available
  • Currently up to eight colors per label

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