What makes RevealPrint different from traditional thermal labels?

With traditional direct thermal labels you can only image in black.  You can have colored labels, but they are typically floodcoated and you can still only print or image in black.  With RevealPrint’s patented technology, you choose the areas where color will highlight your products.  You can have as many colors as you wish.  When the labels get imaged, the area where the color is applied turns that color for text, images or graphics.  So the labels come to you as white, and the color on the label is invisible to the eye until heat is applied.  Sections of your labels will pop with vibrant color, making is easy to differentiate your products.

The RevealPrint product does not contain any Leuco Dye, BPA or BPS chemicals and are fade resistant, unlike traditional thermal labels.  For samples of this exciting new product, please contact us via Email or give us a call at 888.972.5234.  We want to hear about your label printing challenges and help you find a solution.

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