What is PaladinID doing to be prepared once the supply chain corrects itself and things return to a more normal environment?

DONE: For the past two years, PaladinID has been on a mission to add capacity, both from a supplier and a personnel standpoint.  We have positioned ourselves to have redundancy in our manufacturing processes.  Meaning, having multiple plants in different locations around the country to produce our labels.  If weather or label shortages occur in an area of the country, we can pivot and move orders to another facility all the while maintaining our quality of work and timely deliveries.

Good things happening and this situation has caused us to look outside the box. We have been highly focused the past two years on ensuring we have everything we need to produce more product. We agree the supply chain will eventually correct itself and are in position to support our customers once it does happen – so they can benefit from the change.  We are operating under the premise that the world is fundamentally different today than two years ago; we are building our company to meet the needs and challenges of the new normal.

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