Is the color location always in the same place on the label?

The short answer is no.  You can put a single color or multiple colors anywhere on the label.  Once the location is determined, the color is set in those designated spots or what we call “zones” per part number SKU.  The variable data on each label can be different.  If the location of the color on the label is not imaged, that section of the label will remain white.  For example, if you wanted color on 1″ of the leading edge of the label as it exits the printer, you can choose any color you want, but for any given product number SKU, that color will remain the same.  So for instance, if you wanted green, it would always be green for that part number.  If you wanted red, you would have to order another label for a different part number.  You can choose to image that section and Reveal the color, or not and leave it white.  This technology does not allow you the change the colors on the labels once the labels are produced.  Looking for samples, contact us via Email or by phone at 888.972.5234.


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