How does RevealPrint compare to the competitiors?

When it comes to RevealPrint competitors, there is only one and they don’t measure up: Zebra IQ Label products.  Both products use a direct thermal coating and have several choices of facesheets and adhesives.  But that is where the similarities end.

The RevealPrint product can be ordered with up to 8 color zones on the labels from virtually an unlimited color pallet. The Zebra IQ product can only accommodate up to four colors from a selection of 8 colors.

When it comes to minimums, the RevealPrint labels have a very low MOQ (minimum order quantity) whereas the Zebra IQ is very high.
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The biggest difference between RevealPrint and Zebra IQ is the price. RevealPrint labels are about 65% less money than the Zebra IQ labels. The main reason for this is the streamlined manufacturing process and how the color is produced.  By providing a solution with more color options at a fraction of the cost, there is only one choice, RevealPrint!

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